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Safe food now, for a healthy tomorrow.

Healthy Living!

A healthy lifestyle is underrated.

Trust me when I say this,eat right now so you won't have to do it \"forcefully\" later. Our bodies need proper and balanced diet to function effectively. 

Some years back, as a rising young teenager I never really enjoyed eating, as a matter of fact I eat because I need it to grow. I never liked eating, I wasn't feeding well. I would skip meals purposely. Little did I know it was telling on my health. My little pretty nervous system was yearning for help, I would have difficulty in falling asleep amongst other things just because I was starving seriously.

Time! It defines seasons and phases. Or maybe I had grown? Maybe I learnt my lessons in a hard way? Maybe I had to take my feeding habit serious and be deliberate about it? Maybe I became more health conscious?

Whichever it is, I said all of these for this;

Don't be too caught up with life situations, work, and necessity hereby putting yourself at the back sit. Take the rightful position of your life.

Take responsibility! Commit to paying attention to your health and feed well and right.

Eat good food! Good and balanced diet isn't about the quantity or portion just the right elements or contents needed to make the body function well and effectively.

In Conclusion, you can only be what you want to be when you're in a good state mentally, physically and emotionally. Learn to feed well. Build up the habit and be more deliberate about working it out.

I love to see you blossom!

Eat good Food, Eat right!

Your health and well-being really matters!

Happy World Food Day.

Love from here,


Folasade Ademilola(Folawrites)

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