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Safety for our children

Hello am a Ugandan woman,fighting for womens children were taken away by their father,their both below ten years,and kept with their aunties,ive tried to get them back through the law,but the law doesnt work here in Uganda,i worry about my children day and night but cant afford to support them,jobs are very scarce here in Uganda and financing for businesses is very hard to comeby too,many women are dying silently in pain for their infants that have been snatched from them by their egoistic fathers who barely the care of them where theyve dumped them,but the law doesnt help,please fellow women help the mothers in Uganda to build strong finance systems to be able to raise our children even when their fathers are absent,help us please fellow mothers,if anyone is willing to help please reach me [PERSONAL DETAILS REMOVED BY COMMUNITY MODERATOR]

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