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Our graduates are awarded Certificates after successful completion of the training.
We provide women with free training on mobile and laptop repair.
Apprentice and job placement is done for 3months.
Receiving a letter of application from a most vulnerable women
Finally, vulnerable women's lives are changed.

As a women-based organization, we have developed a program that addresses the problems of women and Unemployment. Our program creates jobs for women through skills development and vocational training in mobile and laptop repairs. The program equips beneficiaries with life and business skills that empower them to succeed in life and business.

Our empowerment program targets the;

Vulnerable and impoverished women in the community.

Women living with disabilities/intellectual disabilities.


How it works

1. Enrollment – It is done through a committee in charge of the selection of trainees especially from key target hardship areas, rural communities, and disadvantaged minority groups. The foundation has recruited more than 150 apprentices aged between 14 and 35years since its inception in 2019. The recruitment and training are done at our vocational training center in Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

The Program is only able to take in 10 students per cohort due to lack of enough training space and our main focus is on vulnerable women who are exposed to vulnerable situations like illiteracy, early marriage, drugs, and prostitution.

2. Training – Selected vulnerable women are taken through a free customized 3-month curriculum designed, to enable them to quickly acquire informational and technical skills efficiently. This curriculum is a fusion of official training manuals, product research, and invaluable tech experience from the Founders and partners. This curriculum is different because it fuses the learning modules into a 3-month practical program that empowers the trainee with a wide range of skills within a short time.

3. Certification - Certificates are awarded on completion of the short course and graduates receive mentorship and career guidance.

4. Apprenticeship – After the 3 months training of every cohort the graduates are taken through a mandatory apprenticeship program which takes 3 months, this is a crucial part of the training because the trainees are exposed to clients and are trained in business skills such as customer care, pricing, and handling machines, at the end of this stage trainees are ready to venture out on their own.                                                                                                            

5. job placements support - Upon the end of the apprenticeship program we help our graduates to get jobs and employment opportunities in the ICT industry.

So far 35% of our trainees have managed to get employment in local tech companies as technicians,10% have set up local repair shops, and 5% of exceptional apprentices have been absorbed by Franky's Foundation as technicians and training aides.

Franky's Foundation is seeking partnerships from potential partners in the fulfillment of our mission in our region Kenya.

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