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Saved at Midnight

My shyness had grown into a reclusive behavior affected by the jibes of betrayal. I never wanted to be near people, because it often led to false stories about me and treacherous actions. Midnight walks were therefore quite a treat. It was risky but addictive. The evening breeze, silence and empty road lanes, where agreeable to me. I would sneak out of home and tread the city streets without a care, till one night I met something that broke cycle.
As I trekked along the lonely road, I saw a car some distance away. Suddenly the car increased its speed. I realized there was a group of men in it. As the car drew near me, I prayed that it would pass but it did not, instead the driver reduced its speed to fit my pace. I had read of a car rape incident in the newspapers two weeks before, it was horrible - I was not going to let it happen to me.
Running I kept praying, “save me Lord and I will never walk late in the night again”, but the car had sped right to my heels. Suddenly at a junction connecting to the main road, I spotted a tall dark man dressed in a white shirt and trouser, holding a colourless plastic folder. I guess the men in the car saw him too, because they reversed the car, turned and sped off. I run on breathless and reached the junction panting.
“Are you okay” the man asked. “Ye-s-s-s” I gasped. “What is a girl like you doing …walking on your own at this time of the night,” he questioned. “I was just taking a walk,” I answered. “Do you know what harm could have befallen you,” he asked with concern. I never responded because I had just experienced a hint of the danger this habit could expose me too.
We walked together awhile and when I was in a much safer place. He said “isn’t your home nearby here – your safe now…goodnight.” I walked away from him forgetting to say thanks. But after taking some steps, I looked back, intending to make a gesture of my gratitude to him. But there was no sign of him. I run faster than I had ever, got into the house and promised never to take late night walks again. I still wonder who that man really was.

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