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Searching to Create and Outlet

As a passionate advocate for human rights, particularly women's rights, I have been searching for a way to create an outlet - a chance to think, feel speak without inhibition - for individuals who were previously excluded from society. I thought that by granting them access to the outside world, they could play a more active role in our online community and help find solutions to global issues. I believe that it is critical for such individuals to participate in the global discourse on major issues because they are typically most affected and most knowledgeable about what is needed to survive and overcome.

I traveled to the foothills of Limpopo Province, South Africa to help teach children and teachers how to incorporate laptops into their daily lesson plans; I produced untold stories from individuals like the sibling of a cancer patient and a family whose father was doing another tour in Afghanistan; and I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for five months and taught female victims of domestic violence photography as a form of therapy and self-expression.

Now, I am living in Washington, DC, looking to continue my work to promote social awareness and combat human rights issues. For the last two years, I have searched for communities and organizations that would grant me the opportunity to connect with individuals around the world without having to travel. From student loans to ridiculously high living rates, I didn't have the funds to pay it myself, and I lost the appeal of my usual benefactors when I graduated and was no longer a student. I came across a few that seemed promising, but it wasn't until I discovered World Pulse a few months ago that I truly felt like I had found what I have been looking for all this time.

I'm so happy to be part of a community that supports citizen journalism development with women around the world. It is wonderful to tell others' stories when they do not have the resources to do it themselves, but it is even better to help others tell their stories and share it with the world. I am excited to see where it takes me and who I connect with!

Northern America
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