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Self to Society

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

                                                                      Self to Society  Aafiya Hamid  Shaista Manzoor  Shahnaza Ahad  Do good for others. It will come back in an unexpected ways.   Those who spend in charity will be richly rewarded (Quran 75:10)      Myself Aafiya recently completed my six months project being part of Pravah a Delhi based organization where I got an opportunity to be a part of SMILE PROFESSIONALS Journey. SMILE stands for Student's mobilization initiative for learning through exposure which was basically a learning journey whose aim was to facilitate young people in realizing their own personal and professional aspirations through various opportunities to immerse themselves in the social sector .I personally learnt a lot from such an amazing space. I got a chance to interact with so many beautiful people inside out. There was so much to learn and build a growth mindset one thing which inspires me most is to conscientize one's own self in a way to give something back to Society in the form of fundraising, so in march I started this noble initiative. The idea is to save one Rupee per day and after every three months donate that money in a particular account means rs 90 only after every 3 months by the member of the Self to Society. It Is pertinent to mention here that this space is only for females. In this noble mission two other core team members are helping me namely Shahnaza Ahad and Shaista Manzoor.   Objective of self to society is to help a bit to needy people that too in our particular locality.   In phase one (March to May) 33 females joined this cohort and  we successfully spent that amount on needy people and were able to bring smiles on seven different needy people from three different districts. And with the grace of Almighty in  phase two many new members joined this initiative and  in the month of July  we successfully donated money to the needy. I would like to thank one and all who so ever joined this cohort for their trust and support. And I  strongly believe Do good for others. It will come back in unexpected way.   Here I would like to share the experience of two core members namely Shahnaza Ahad and Shaista Manzoor  

 Shaista Manzoor;   My Journey towards Self to Society   Everybody has their own story, everybody has their own journey. And to tell about myself, journey of my life has given me lessons since my childhood.I can feel the pain of needy people not because I have seen tough time, but because my elders in my home used to share about their past journey.As being financially unsound how they spent their days and nights in misery. We know that each day holds a surprise for us but we need to see, hear, or feel that. Struggle teaches us a lot of things, and my family witnessed a roller coaster ride. Their journey has improved me as a person and made me more mature.Their heart touching stories always inspired me .The suffering of life and modern traditions of the world have shaped the character of a person in such a way that being a poor has become a curse now in this materialistic world and it seems that this world has been made for rich people only.Giving something back to society is vague and misty in nature. There is so much that we procure from society. In our society, we have some people who have enough money if that will be distributed, many problems plaguing most areas around the world can be solved. But, there comes minimum or negligible effort from us as a whole to emancipate at least the smallest fraction of the problem. Holy scriptures of all faiths teach us to give and share. Humanity is the true key to success. Whenever I used to see any needy person I was trying my best to help them in the best possible way but being myself dependent on the family as I am still a student pursuing B.Ed I couldn't help much. One day my teacher namely Bhat Aafiya told me about her initiative in which they raised funds for helping poor and needy people. I felt very glad after hearing that and I also joined this noble cause namely \"Self to Society\". This initiative worked on the principle of saving Rs 1 every day and after three months a person has to donate Rs 90 into an account of self to society.The main motive of this initiative was to help the poor and needy people residing in the neighbourhood of members of self to society family. Over time, I became a core member of this family along with Bhat Aafiya my teacher, and one more core member Shahnaza Ahad. This initiative achieved great success and with the grace of Almighty today there are about 50 members in Self to Society and till this date, we have solved almost 15 cases.   In my view, the best of humanity is in our exercise of empathy and compassion. It's when we challenge ourselves to walk in the shoes of someone whose pain or plight might seem so different than ours that it's almost incomprehensible.It is due to \"Self to Society\" we are trying to serve our community especially those who are in need and our passion for serving will not fade up, we will try our best till our last breath to make this initiative more strong and vast. As Life is short and we have never too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are travelling the dark journey with us. Just be swift to love, make haste to be kind. It is better to won some victory for humanity rather then be ashamed to die.      Shahnaza Ahad;   We are born in a competitive world where everyone tries to achieve more and more than others. Here, I realized that people are lacking their inner peace in this materialistic world and suffer from various mental problems. For me being kind is the highest form of inner peace. Being financially weak I struggled a lot to achieve my academic goals and this struggle developed a beautiful attitude in me that is having an empathetic attitude towards the poor. The day in December 2020 changed my life where I realized about sufferings of life. On the very day, I saw a girl with a melancholy face, sad eyes that shimmer with unshed tears. I walked towards her and asked her \"is everything fine\". She replied, \"I am not able to submit my admission form\". Taking a long breath, I asked her for a reason for not submitting her form. She replied, \"I have no money due to covid lockdown my family is facing financial problems\". I felt her words filled with pain and it touched my heart I felt that like it was my problem and I helped her. This day marked a big change in me and I started searching that what will be the process through which I can help more and more needy people. Being a volunteer of Pravah and a student of Aafiya Mam I realized that my life is a journey from Self to Society. With Aafiya mam we voluntarily made a WhatsApp group only for females to contribute 30 rupees per month as a donation to help the needy people in our Kashmir valley till now with the support of other members we reached to some needy persons by this noble initiative (self to society). This initiative was taken by Aafiya mam and I supported her and shared my bank details for this noble cause. The good organizers of this noble cause are Aafiya mam and Shaista Manzoor. We all are together working for this noble cause since 1 year.    If you can’t donate money   But you can donate Smile       From readers we need just good wishes so that I will continue this mission with same vigour and zeal

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