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My recent interaction with many women has shown that a lot of them feel there is no need to register for the elections in Nigeria as the political space is male dominated. Many persons living with Disability also feel that the electoral processes are not as friendly due to being non inclusive. As part of an effort towards promoting greater women's participation in electoral and governance processes it is important to quickly find ways in tackling these issues and bridging the gaps to allow for an all inclusive elections without any one feeling left out or disenfranchised.

In view of this my foundation Orah Bayit is organizing sensitization campaigns in different communities geared towards full inclusion in the 2023 General Elections in Nigeria, and ensuring the total involvement of women and persons living with disabilities. The current insecurity challenges around the country makes it difficult for adequate participation. I will be reaching out to authorities involved in the electoral process for find solutions towards easy accessibility of information and registration processes.

The final desired result is a shift in the organizational structures, policies and actions of institutions such as political parties, civil society organizations, government ministries and elected bodies like local councils and parliaments.

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