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September Encourager Party! (Plus Aspire Reinvent Conference Announcement)

"When you encourage others, you in the process are encouraged because you're making a commitment and difference in that person's life. Encouragement really does make a difference." - Zig Ziglar

There is an inexplicable sense of fulfillment when we encourage someone. It's a joy to know that World Pulse Encouragers feel the same way. This is what I confirmed during the September Encourager Party.

World Pulse organizes Encourager Parties every last Friday on the month, 2PM GMT. This is a time to gather and appreciate encouragers, share tips, and listen to them.

Our fourth Encourager fell on September 25, 2020. This time it's an hour advanced compared to the previous parties. Amazingly enough, we still have early birds! 

They are Regina (Cameroon)Jill (Spain)Anum (Pakistan)Manasa (India)Busayo (Nigeria)Shirin (USA)Honorine (Cameroon), and Arrey (Cameroon)

World Pulse new members Meril (Bangladesh) and Donna (USA) were among the early birds, too! It was a wonderful opportunity to chat with them minutes before the party began.

Meril shared how she discovered World Pulse. She expressed her appreciation for being part of this online community.

Manasa was the main host of the party. She welcomed everyone, asked them to participate in the poll, and to introduce themselves on the chatbox. Dawn (USA) helped transcribe the process on the chatbox.

We celebrated our September Featured Encouragers! They were those who were consistent in writing quality comments on World Pulse stories. They are Busayo Obisakin (Nigeria), Arrey-Echi (Cameroon), and Nini Mappo (Kenya)

Busayo shared that whenever she feels discouraged, she logs on to World Pulse to encourage sisters. Doing so encourages her in return. Arrey wrote that it is a joy to know your words can actually make a difference in someone's life. Nini shared that when you find home, you don't waste time, you get on with business. Read their inspiring quotes here.

After congratulating Featured Encouragers, Manasa asked Anum (Pakistan) to read her lovely quote for us,

"World Pulse is so close to my heart. It actually gives me wings. Before (joining) this community, I was shy to be part of any social international platform because I thought nobody will listen to me and my story. But when I wrote my first article and received an overwhelming response from sisters across the world, it boosted my confidence."

Anum narrated how her World Pulse journey began, and how encouraged she was when she received comments on her first post. She shared that it was because of World Pulse she got a chance to speak to economic forums, and now she is part of the UN Global Forum.

That is the power of encouragement!

I shared two tips for Encouragers:

  1. Create a system: set a routine on how, when, how long you will encourage in a given time.   

  2. Practice self-care: schedule a time to care for yourself to avoid "compassion fatigue".

I missed acknowledging that it was from Anjana (Nepal) that I learned about Compassion Fatigue. It is feeling physical, emotional, and spiritual distress in providing care for others.

(Note: From the month of June to September, we have accumulated 12 Encourager Tips! If you want a copy, kindly reach out to our beloved Manasa.)

After the tips-sharing, we quoted an excerpt J Brenda (Uganda)'s lovely poem,

"Each time I came to World Pulse with a heavy heart

The welcome and applause from encouragers free my heavy chest

Which never make me to hesitate for a bit

For I am not at all disappointed

For I know at once I can always shout here

Because you will never shut me up or send me away

The encouraging words are medicine and sweet-smelling flowers

to my wild draining thoughts

Which make my stomach quiver

But I am now bold and encouraged!"

When the Encourager Team comes across quotes related to encouragement, we highlight them at the Encourager Parties to let encouragers see their impact when leaving supportive comments.

The activities mentioned above were preparation for PARTY TIME! The time was set for 15 minutes for encouragers to enjoy good music while leaving comments on World Pulse stories.

After that, the meeting was divided into four breakout sessions. This is a time where Encouragers get to share what World Pulse posts resonated with them. Jill. Ana, Dawn of the World Pulse team facilitated the breakout sessions.

After the intimate sharing, we once again celebrated new members, Donna, Meril, Grace, and first-timer, Anum! 

The smiles of encouragers were a magnificent sight to behold. We are all so happy! It's comforting to know that we all have one mission as we log on World Pulse, and it is to lift up the women from different parts of the world. It's a great feeling that we are not alone in this journey!

Please share about encouragement on this Call for Stories: Stronger Together.

Special announcement: Our World Pulse sister Hawwah (Nigeria) and I are among the 15 speakers at the Aspire Reinvent Conference on October 14-15, 2020, 2PM-7PM UK Time.

Jill worked so hard to secure limited free passes for World Pulse sisters. If you want to join and participate, please reach out to her on or before September 30, 2020. A shoutout of thanks to you, Jill!

I will be sharing about Encouragement and how we are doing it on World Pulse. It would be an honor if encouragers will be there. Thinking about it, I'm reminded of this quote by Maya Angelou, " I come as one, but I stand as 10,000!" 

It would be a wonderful opportunity to connect, expand our network, and learn something new! 

Hope to see you at the Aspire Conference! 

Hope to see you again at the next Encourager Party!




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