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Sera Chama

Sarah has been discharged from the hospital after a successful operation to remove a big bladder stone which she has been carrying for over two years and now where do I take her. She has no home. The department of social welfare has no place to take such women for her to fully recover before she can be on her own.

Sera was a victim of gender based violence for many years no one helped her till she was one day beaten so badly by her husband that she almost died that is when the community carried her to the hospital where she had to under an operation on her head to drain blood from mixing with her brain. Her husband was arrested, prosecuted and now is serving a three year jail sentence, only three years after all that he did to her. She is very poor literally has northing. she went to live with het mother in a mad house with a licking roof at her uncle's village. her mother suffered a stroke. Sera was diagnosed with a bladder stone two years ago but no surgeon bothered to remove it so she has been living with it. Every time she goes to pass urine the whole village will know about it from her creams from pain. That is how I came to know about Sera. I with my colleague took it upon ourselves to take her to the hospital and pressured the hospital till she was put on the schedule for operations. A very large stone size of a baby's fist was removed.

Sera Chama is very poor with no Education and no voice.
Our organisation is trying to give a voice to many abused women like her and give them a new start that is my passion. Internet access in our country very limited to the privileged few. Our community school for the orphaned and vulnerable children has received a donation of 47 lap tops and our hope is to get internet at the school then the mothers, grandmothers and care givers too can be taught how to use them and have access to the internet. Internet in Zambia is also very expensive that has deterred many women from accessing it.

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