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Initiative Update

Setting a healing journey on its course

World over, the lockdowns have been challenging in many, many difficult ways. Among those that are struggling with the weight of having to stay home are those that are facing domestic violence. We're talking about staying home to stay safe - but they're not safe because they're staying home. Reporting a crime and calling for help is not easy in regular times: the decision to stay or to leave, the questions of having to address the stigma, the challenges of moving away, financial independence, and not having anywhere to go are only just a few of the many challenges that survivors are forced to confront.

The system is also overloaded: which means that there are fewer police officers, few shelters available, few liaisons who can support survivors, and few to no means to get around town in search of safety. Bearing this time with toxic people, violent people, and abusive people is unbearable, to say the least.

In response to this, I made an addition to Saahas: A healing sandbox. The sandbox allows for a survivor to document the instances of violence they face - and this is exclusively on their own phones, does not need a log-in - so the data is safe and remains on their version of the app. It also has sections that help \"Breathe\" to heal anxiety and trauma through a nifty little GIF, has a separate section with blank noise, and peaceful and calming music that helps soothe trauma and pain. Of course it is not a complete solution that takes the violence away: but it is a step to help a survivor find ways to address their trauma.

Do YOU have any particular things you like to look at / listen to / do that helps you heal, calm down from anxiety or trauma? Please do share it with me - and together, we can enrich the sandbox.

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