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Sex trafficking needs to be stopped once and for all

How long shall we fear, whiter within our selves and hide from the fact that our neighbor is being used as a sex slave, yet we do nothing about it. How many more children should we lose before we take a stand to this revolting acts that these uncivilized beast--cowards who rather let a woman do the work whilst they sits and wait for riches--do to us. Even within marriages, you see a woman being sold by her spouse as a sex slave as a means of income to support the family. Women, why keep quiet and let this happen to you? Why are we bystanders, not wanting to put an end to this epidemic?> It sickens me to the core of my being each time I see someone being taken from their homes, fathers using their children, their wives, pimps thinking that that they can do whatever pleases them. I say enough! enough to this suffering.
A friend of mine was telling me that her mother's friend's daughter had just been abducted a few days ago in Portland, USA just 30minutes from where I am. The first thing I said was let us go find these idiots who had done this. I would have lost doing so, but I can't sit another day and wait for the next victim before I voice out my frustrations to this matter. Too many people I have seen and heard of have been taken away from their homes, being used within their own homes and yet some of us sleep soundly at night.
As women, we shall not let someone dictate what to do and we shall not let our children be in positions where by they may be in the sex tracking red zones, we have to be aware that it can happen to anyone of us, and it is important that we do not take it lightly but do something about it.
How long my fellow women have to die due to Aids and drugs that comes along sex trafficking? How long shall we see the women race fall and belittled by greedy men? Please speak out if you know someone who is being abused, if you see signs in their homes, if you see women who are sex slaves on the side of the road and tell them they still can make a difference. We need to put an end to this. I am empathetic to those who were once in captivity, but do not keep to yourself help someone who may be going through the very thing you came out of, you may never could be the one to save their lives.

Before you go to bed tonight, think to yourself what have I done to solve this? how long must another person die at someone elses' expence and how long should you be silent

Girl Power
Gender-based Violence
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