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Sexual Violence: A Global Pandemic/6th to 12th May 2018

Sexual violence is a global pandemic. One in three women experiences sexual or physical violence – most likely from their intimate partner, according to a report from the World Health Organization. There is an urgent need to increase sensitization regarding sexual violence and the awareness of consent and sexual violence amongst persons at large. In this series, we examine sexual violence and related issues that have come up in the news, on a weekly basis, published every Saturday. This is an attempt to improve awareness regarding incidents of sexual violence and related matters, so that we, as a society can take steps towards collective action to reduce its incidence. It is an effort to ensure that we acknowledge the rampant sexual violence that exists, lest we forget.


This issue looks at news from 6th to 12th May 2018.


1. Federal correction officer allegedly forced female inmates to give him oral sex

A former U.S. Federal Correctional officer allegedly sexually exploited female inmates, who were supposed to be protected by him, scaring them into servicing him for years. He is accused of preying upon five inmates by cornering them in the lieutenants office which lacked surveillance cameras and was conveniently unmonitored. The lawsuit against Eugenio Perez, 47 was “about power, opportunity and abuse.”


2. Sexual assault of male victims in India don’t get discussed


Following the national unrest and protests after the rapes of an eight-year-old girl and a young woman, death penalty for rape of girls below 12-years-age has been introduced as an amendment of the POCSO Act. Despite a government survey has showed that male minors were more likely to be victims than female minors, no mentions of boy victims has been found in the ordinance that lapses in 6 months and awaits a legislation to convert it into law soon.


3. More than half-dozen educational officials allegedly subjected to 11 sexual harassment suits still hold office


Several highly-paid and highly-powered educational officials in the city reportedly remain on the job even after city settled suits involving them over sexual harassment or an unequal pay with the female subordinates.


4. Differently-abled minor allegedly raped by a 48-year-old man


In Odisha, Brajabandhu Sahoo was arrested of allegedly raping and impregnating a minor girl with special needs. It has been reported by the police that the abuser has confessed to his crime and taking advantage of girls mental and physical disability.


5. A teacher at Montessori School of Raleigh allegedly Sexually Abused His Students


Two sisters were allegedly sexually assaulted by a teacher at the Montessori School of Raleigh. The school and its leader, Nancy Errichetti, have been accused of failing to protect the girls from their abuser and taking any action with respect to a complaint filed by their parents. Nicholas Conlon Smith is allegedly charged on more than twenty counts of statutory rape, possession of child pornography, and related charges.

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  • Human Rights
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