Silence is no longer an option

They imprison women in the home, restrict their movement, and fight their education, work, independence and freedom, and then they say that women are weak, ignorant, and poor, and that women’s instinct is to serve the males.

We want to go out without being harassed/catcalled, we want to go to school/work without having to face the male gaze, we want to live without being sexualized on a daily basis, we want equal pay and equal rights, picking a favorite gender (men) is childish, grow up and give us equality and our rights, giving men more rights than women are cowardice.

Women should be just as free as men, and the inequality between men and women is very unfair either in the social lives or any other and not just in the social lives only, in the entire day to day life, the freedom to us women is very limited unlike the men, women and men should share the same rights and this disgusting patriarchy system implied all over the world should come to an end.

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