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The silence and resilience of women in any corner of the world since ages has become the reason or cause for being victimized.
Often termed as the weaker sex,they are degraded and ostracized by society of actions for which they aren’t responsible. Yet,they remain quiet by absorbing the pain of being insulted and tortured, mentally and physically every moment.
A victim of any of such kind, goes through tremendous turmoil within herself and faces more detest from the world and her own society . She is held responsible for endless reasons which all are mere presumptuous. Let it be rape,molestation, violence,degradation,discrimination , for a victim of any of these, needs courage and determination to reinstate herself in life with respect.
In India, even when the mythology of the country speaks of various goddesses being worshipped , respect for a woman is yet to be seen.

What is it that will make our conscience speak and when will the human race become more human ?

Here stand Vaidehi (Sita) the mythological goddess who too faced the torture !

Sanctified flames, she had to withstand
to etch a mark of her pureness
without an inch of flesh burnt
her soul inflamed for ages…
Immaculate heart ,she could show none,
her innocence became her sin
to have a heart sinless in the world of devils,

she shed a tear, her heart bled,
yet the impeccable serene smile gleamed
her being had impregnable faith
she will be purged from the muck therein.
born as a princess, wed to an epitome
she wandered with him through forests
struggling through every means
to remain his devoted...

Was it an offense,
that she was silent
and resilient ,
that she faces the pyre of apotheosis!

Now,is the moment to create a new future from the lessons of old testimony!


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Gender-based Violence
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