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Singing the Universal Lullaby...

“If you make love to the Universe, the Universe will make love to you.”

Those words were written by Barbara Carrellas, an out-spoken advocate for sexual autonomy and freedom of gender expression. I read them and try to comprehend their enormity... and then I think of love and of what hard work it is, how large is the Universe, and what a daunting task that seems!

And then I determine to do it anyway, aware that the person I want to be is one of generosity and compassion and grace. No, even more than a person, I want to be a woman! A woman who can wrap the Universe up in my arms and rock, singing and comforting, and marveling at all the wonders in creation... And all those hours will be as educational and well-spent as the hours I passed mesmerized by my infant child asleep on my lap, oblivious to such meaningless tasks as dinner and dishes and darning.

There is a myth in American society that most women wish they were men, or had their power and control... This silly idea is dubbed, ‘Penis Envy’, and is bought into by both men and women, individuals who have been socialized to believe that power lies in physical strength and political and economic domination. But I say again, that I would prefer to master the art of the feminine, and be able to empower others through collectivity, inclusivity, sharing, caregiving and collaboration.

It is in this way that my vision for my person as one of love, can effect a truly transformative change in my community and world. A change where more than just the holders of power shift, but one where power itself is disseminated to ensure universal freedom, dignity and safety.

To begin this transformation the first necessity is space, the space to do ‘women’s work’, that work of supporting and encouraging and teaching one-another. I hope to co-create such a space for women of my community through electronic medium. I am working on how to build an on-line community with enough ‘legroom’ for all the women of my state to gather and share their voices, their stories and their passions.

I hope to see a space where we may educate each other to causes that may not fall within our normal range of vision and action. I want to share my passion for ending the damaging gender socialization that leaves both girls and boys vulnerable to accepting gender-based violence, and I want to learn of another woman’s work for environmental sustainability as feminist action, and yet another woman’s knowledge of economic justice for women and families.

I hope to see a space where we are no longer discouraged by our illusory isolation. I know that we as women, as nourishing, giving, feminine women, will build collective power and strength for each of our individual causes if brought together in one space.

It is to this end that I hope to become a Voices of Our Future Student and Correspondent. I want to become proficient in the utility of Web 2.0 tools to create such a space that will be accessible to the women in the remote, rural regions of my state as well as in the sometimes more reclusive urban areas.

I want to create a space for connection and shared engagement for women of my state who may otherwise feel alone in their ideas or efforts. I want to use the opportunity as a correspondent to help give voice to the on-going, but deceitfully covert, sexism, patriarchy and inequity that continue to exist in ‘advanced’ nations and cultures. I hope to give voice and awareness to other concerns of education, environment, economy, health, sustainable food, human rights, etc. and the ways in which they impact women and children within our community and around the globe.

I see this innately feminine form of exchange and support as the best opportunity for us as women, and humans, to learn more and be better as individuals, to nurture justice and safety and equity for all persons everywhere. And so I join my voice to that of my sisters in singing this Universal Lullaby of Love.

Northern America
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