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I recently wrote a short story about myself which I titled “THE GIRL NO ONE KNEW”. It’s a story of the girl I was some years ago and the girl I am now, the evolution I went through to get to where I am and the things I was blind to that I now see. I understand that we all struggle with insecurities, some more than others but what I want people to realize is that our opinions are different just as our faces are different, and that the way we perceive things most times is based on socially accepted facts.

Beauty is one thing that amuses me because every society that you visit has its own definition of beauty, what I’ve learnt however is that only your definition counts. You are only as beautiful as you say you are. I almost fell into depression because I felt I was less human than I was supposed to be. Lots of people spoke to me about what I was going through at the time and told me that I was so wrong to think that I was not beautiful but it shocked me that some other people did not agree, they felt the need to constantly tell me how imperfect I was. But thinking of it now, who were they to tell me what I was or wasn't.

Now I know that the only opinion that matters is yours, if you think you’re terrible you’ll force people to think the same thing by the way you act. My mum and friends tried to tell me what I was not interested in hearing, to show me what I was not interested in seeing, to hold my hand and drag me to the confident side but I would not budge. My reaction was different when I told myself the truth that I did not want to hear, when I showed myself what was right in front of me, when I held my own hand and crossed to the confident side. There is nothing like that moment when you begin to believe in yourself, when you begin to realize that you can cross barriers and boundaries, that you have no limitations, and that you can succeed in your world with your integrity and values intact no matter what anyone says.

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