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Greatings all,

How i miss writting to you all...and letting you know how life is for me this side of the world.Im sure that their are new menbers already so many have wriiten to me wanting to get in touch.Thank you all of you who said a silent prayer towards my promotion bocourse it did happen but as someone told me promotion comes with much responsibilities and yes this are the responsibility that have been holding me down for a while.Some time back i requested for someone to donate to me a laptop so that i could be able to communicate to you always o.k some one offered and then dissapeared.Kindly i am sending a 2nd request if someone would be kind enough to have a spare laptop i will be glad to hear from them since i am in dire need of one.

Moving on swiftly a fourtnigt ago i was previllaged to attend a jounalist living with HIV workshop whereby we were being tought how to write stories and have the NOSE for news...I must say that this was quite intresting and come in handy for me since i am at the verge of organising a major event in December 1st and i look forward to all you good ideas and concepts,by the way you can also read more of my bogs on you are all invited to make comments and contributions on this blog.You can also search for me on facebook as kenwa here you will get to know more about our organisation and the events that are about to take place.

I hope to get intouch with PLWHA in Kenya especially the young ladys since there is something big and good just about to happen.As you know i am in the forefront in the fight against stigma and disctrimination...i have atteined the so what atitude...we are always talking of ways of fighting HIV so what about the people who are already living with HIV?So what if i am HIV+?This is the kind of attitude i have been having of late.We are still people and we have the right to move on with our lives just as anyone else.....The right to work,the right for medication,the right to marry,the right to love and to be loved,the right to have children and so what if i am HIV+?HIV is clearly not the end of life.At least not for me.


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