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Some Personal Poetry

I am sorry to the World Pulse community that I have not posted in a long time. I love writing and everything to do with it but lately I have been busy and have found it hard to find inspiration to sit and write from my heart. It is difficult for me to write unless it comes from my heart.

A long time ago I wrote a poem called “Love Eternal Poem”, I never really shared it with anyone for 7 years until I met Sister Zeph. I decided to start reading her poetry to the students at her school (and she translates it) because I want them to realize that if they want to write about themselves or tell their stories to the world then they need to articulate themselves from the heart and not just from the mind.

So below I have copied and pasted two poems that I wrote in moments of intense inspiration and stillness. It makes me feel vulnerable to show them the world but I think more people should share what is inside them more often.

November 6, 2014

Realizing and Embodying your Dreams, by: Malee Kenworthy

Don’t be afraid of following what brings you joy and realizing and embodying, truly embodying physically in this 3 dimensional world, your dreams fully realized… What brings you joy, passion, excitement and freedom because all of these things that you do and embody through you are a part of the expression of who you are, which is also an aspect of everything in existence as God is also existing through you as manifesting his expression on existence through you, everything in existence is doing this very same thing right now, you just haven’t realized this, yet, …. This completeness and wholeness therefore you live your life in a state of mental separation, therefore, only realizing a tiny fraction of that which is your God given inheritance, to share and manifest in this infinite, whole and complete existence which wouldn’t even be complete without you…. And that is the miracle of existence.

Follow your dreams…

Love Eternal Poem, by: Malee Kenworthy 2007

I want to write something deep and meaningful. It has to be something that grabs a hold of you and never lets go of you because it is a part of you, it is inside you, if you just look deep inside, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, we are all humans, we are made of dirt, water, fire and air yet we hold the universe in our souls and we are inside the universe, we are amazing because God made us in his image. We are complex yet simple, real but fake, beautiful and ugly, smart and dumb, good and bad, spiritual and physical, happy and sad, we can be broken and put back together and yet the only think that holds us together is love, for we are born out of love, into love, by love- the people that we love and love us- we lean on them and they are the ones that hold us up. Life is what we make it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I never want to let you go, but all I am to another man is this: The promise I make and the promise I keep for I speak a word and therefore I AM and if I am the word I speak then I am my promise, for a promise not kept is a lie. The only think I can is be true and love for love is the only thing that is eternal and real, the only thing that stands the test of time- if only we could look deep enough inside ourselves to realize we are all the same.

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