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Stand out and say No, you will only live once

This is not an article for some topic, it is a wake up call for so many women out there! So many women who deserve a better life and can prove that they can! I am sure some of you reading this must have met one of those women who have all the leadership potentials and have got what it takes to stand for their rights, yet, the remain invisible!!

Dear Strong potential women, Take use of the resources to improve, and refuse what you disagree with, Your Life is ultimately yours and No one can decide for you.

I live in a community where arranged marriages, child & women abuse, and so many other traditions are common, yet, this same community is considered developing and have been witnessing a great investment, however, Large number of people are not satisfied, why?

The reason being is the environment. People's money is growing, not brains! People are still practicing the old traditions and norms. People keep mixing up religion and traditions, and define whats right and what is wrong.

People make rules and they break them. People follow traditions that serve their tribes, but hey, we are no longer living in the tribe time! We are civilized and every individual is fully responsible for his/her actions. Yes, we do not mind people like our parents or older generations, those with experience, to advise us and benefit us, Yet, our decisions are OUR decisions and we are fully responsible. Women in particular, are the most affected by traditions and Guess what? Women are the core of community and they are the ones that raise generations.

As Women, Together we can build a community that reject unwanted realities and old traditions. Our lives are ultimately ours and we are going to face fear. If there is a women out there reading this, I want you to ask yourself, Who am I ? what do I really want? Do I want to be labeled as a woman who cannot object and must follow the man? Or do I want to be labelled as human being who has every right to live the way I want? Only you can decide, no one can decide for you!

Human Rights
Northern America
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