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Initiative Update

Step One to your own job: Dream big, plan bigger

To build your own job, you need to see the light, you need to dream!

The first step to creating your own job is to dream. Did you dream lately? Of course, every night! hahaha. But you need to use your imagination to start dreaming in the day also. Start cherishing some beautiful new situation in your life in which you would like to live.

Shape your dreams in a way they will lead you and help you see the big picture. For example, if you work as a clean up person, depending on the part of the world you live in, your income may be little or very little. You need to learn to dream without attachment to how hard your reality is, because it doesn´t matter. Let me explain; The poorer you are (or feel) the bigger your dream must be to uplift your self esteem.

If you make a dollar a day, dream that you make a million a day. Yes! Laugh! dance! imagine what you would do with a million a day! This dream will fuel your passion for the work you are just beggining to do. Take a deep breath now. Close your eyes. Imagine you are holding one million dollars every day for the rest of you life. Imagine all the things you would do with that money, all the things you would buy. Do this for five minutes. Then slowly count from 1 to 10 and open your eyes.

With your eyes open, a big smile and feeling great about yourself, start planning.Your planning time should be four times bigger than your dream time. So make it 20 minutes.You will be using 25 minutes of your time every day in the construction of your own job.

Homework: Start you planning in a piece of paper or a notebook and create an agenda for the week. Remember, it needs to become a habit, and a habit only forms when you repeat the action every day for at least three months.

So you need to expect to be working on your agenda of dreaming and planning for the next three months, to begin with.

With your dream in good shape in your brain, put your feet on the ground and your plan into paper. Every plan starts with an OBJECTIVE and you need to set up small, medium and large objectives that will help you see the activities you need to do every day.

In your first week of writing in your notebook, you will do this:

1. Write a big objective for your own job. Examples: \"I will own a taxi cab company\", \"I will have my own airline to fly everywhere I want\", \"I will buy myself a railroad\", \"I will own a restaurant\", \"I will be the most famous writer next year\" \"I will be the most famous actress next year\".

2. Take your big objective and re write it 10 times until you can feel it is really yours, or until you feel it is something you can accomplish by the end of one year time lapse.

3. Do parts 1 and 2 every day through the week, with different objectives.

4. In day number 7, choose two objectives that you feel are the ones you can cherish the most during this year.

Write your questions in the comments area, and I will answer them as soon as possible. Remember, there will only be 10 people that I will be helping personally in this endeavor.



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