Stop GBV to reduce mental health problems by bringing up ideas and support the community

The privacy of the home is a matter of fact. Intimate partner violence prevails as one of the most wide spread form of violence against women and young girls in Cameroon like in most countries across the globe, violence against these persons is a preoccupying reality.

This problems exposes so many mental health problems like mrs Amina's story.

Amina is a mother of four girls and three boys. Her family is typical in many ways. Amina works in the garden, gathers firewood and water, cooks, takes care of her house and cares for her children and husband. Her husband works, but his employment is not steady. Their diet consists mostly of rice, beans, and plantains from their farm, occasionally meat or chicken and tea.

Any mealtime Amina's husband is served first, followed by the boys, then the girls. Finally, after her family has finished eating Amina takes her turn to eat. There usually not enough food remaining and Amina often feels hungry even after she has taken all the food.

Amina noticed that she's not as strong as she used to be. She gets tired very easily, has to rest more often when working in the garden, gets minor sickness frequently, and just feels weak much often. Most of her friends say they feel the same way, so she just assumes that this is what happens to women after years of caring for their family.

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