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Story of a widow 2021

Firstly...a very Happy New Year to all of you...!!!

I get inspire each n every day.....may it be through world pulse sisters or through  situations I get to see.

Let's Begin...

When we work with our colleagues we just work for the welfare of society especially women n children. We look many people struggling like anything just for their livelihoods.

The women who lost their husbands in the whole COVID session. This time is just worst for them because they never stepped out of their house to work n earn money. But now they have to do everything for making thier children get educated,for fulfilling stomach of their whole family. We saw many women earning for their family and also saw people who dominated them. We do help them for whatever help they want and make sure if their family should not sleep without food. But when we look at the people who act cruel with them it feels harsh. But then we have to work in this society to achive something.  This is the story of our village Bhandara where several women's are dominated but still they shine into the darks. These women are just inspiration to everyone. We pray for them to be successful wherever they go.


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