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Surgeon England 1968

By February 1968 my working stay as a student in Indian YMCA Fitzroy Square London came to an end . As narrated in my previous chapter I moved into my new single bed-sitter accommodation in Shooter's Hill in Borough Of Greenwich in S E London and started my First Professional Work As A Surgeon in Woolwich War Memorial Hospital , Department Of Accidents And Emergency Surgery As A Senior House Officer From March 1968 To August 1968 . MR Samuel Levy FRCS was The Department Consultant . My work during those six months was daily from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday and every alternate day from 5 PM to 8 AM and alternate Weekends ( Saturday & Sunday ) starting at 8 AM Saturday to 8 AM Monday . I attended to all accidents inclusive of general surgery , orthopedics , surgical emergencies , injuries , wounds , burns , epistaxis , haematemesis , appendicitis et cetera . My past work experience in India ( Bhaarath ) came in handy and was very helpful to me in discharging my Professional responsibility with full credit to my past training back home . I never stepped out of hospital during those six months having my nourishment in the hospital mess itself . I had no social life , no pubs , no outing , and my only modus of relaxation is my addiction to smoking , which I shall get rid of at a later date and that is another story . I skimped and saved and as all my expenses towards accommodation and food were subsidized by National Health Service , my savings were satisfactory enough now to think of paying off my debts in England as well in Bhaarath ( India ). Towards the end of August 1968 I was given seven days leave to which I was eligible . I availed seven days leave and traveled to Preston in Lancashire by British Rail from King's Cross St. Pancras London and as arranged previously went to the home of my benefactor Sri.karri Satthireddy garu , paid off 100 Pounds Sterling which way back in December 1967 the good gentleman was kind enough to have given me unconditionally . I spent two days and one night in the gentleman's home , paid my respects to his Dharma Pathni ( Srimathi gaaru = Wife ) Saavithramma gaaru , thanked the couple profusely and returned back to my lodgings in Shooter's Hill , SE London . I sent back home money to pay off moneys I had to borrow from in laws for my travel and also to take care of my family upkeep . Now I was free from all debts and could say with pride that I will be my own boss from henceforth . I am ready to take up my next job as Surgical Registrar at Pembury Hospital Tunbridge Wells Kent with effect from September 1968 for next six months up to February 1969 - please wait for me with all the patience you can muster and I promise not to let you well wishers down , nor my folks back home - so be it !!!


Northern America
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