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Technological tools help women how to solve problems around the world.

About the exciting Web 2
I like Web 2.0 because it means a great advance of the technology. Web 2.0 allows us to be informed, notified, and interrelated through different applications or tools. We can participate actively and share relevant information on the web.
The new world of the social media and the use of the web 2.0, gives us the opportunity to dialogue as creators of content or key information in virtual communities. We can create, edit, publish and share information. We can use social networking sites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites, hosted services, web applications, blogs, mashups, Facebook, Twitter YouTube, Vimeo that are good tools for citizen journalists. Others web applications like Google maps, Google docs, Scribd, RSS syndication that permits to make use of a site's data in another context such as another website, etc.

Solutions that help to the global women's empowerment movement.
Web 2.0 is an interesting world for the women´s empowerment women. From anywhere in the world women teachers can help people that doesn´t have the opportunity to be educated especially children who live in rural areas away from schools. This platform of new technology encourages education and participation, provides women with new ways to engage students in a meaningful way, especially children and young people eager to learn, play and socialize more than in traditional classrooms. They can receive feedback on line more quickly, participating in classes or forums discussions.
Women can podcast either audio or videos with content of real stories and projects that can spread the needs, problems or news of women and reach the bodies or authorities who can help to overcome the situation. Besides the use of mobile devices also plays an important role in the dissemination of news and serves as support the work of diffusion of the information.
The use of social networking can help women to share similar interests, activities, events and receive quickly feedback. Besides e-mail and instant messaging are other services that help to build different communities and connect people online. This way could receive feedback of their stories and innovative solutions.

Tools be empowering for me
Really for me the Web 2.0 and all the web applications are fantastic tools. First I will write articles for my blog with my own and real pictures and share them in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The articles will have related video or audio made by myself. It´s important the use of multimedia elements that will enrich the information and ideas that I want to share. Always I will write in a simple informative way, willing to receive feedback and comments that can help me from the social networking or groups to communicate better my best ideas trying to help women. That is the main purpose of belonging to Pulse Wire.

Latin America and the Caribbean
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