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Initiative Update

Technology everywhere i go

Can’t thank World Pulse enough for all the inspiration, motivation, empowerments, training I had received and how much it impacted the lives of persons with hearing impairments and other vulnerable persons. I am proud to showcase World Pulse everywhere I go. Putting on my T-shirt to events have been one of my strategies. This T-shirt always remind me of our desire and zeal in this sisterhood to get more women on board this safe space. Putting on the World Pulse T-shirt reminds me of our commitment on World Pulse in view of technology. I also feel the love, strength, light, encouragement, support, and positive vibes from my World Pulse sisters all over the world. it’s also a gentle reminder of how much is still left to be done for women to be empowered on using technology if we must attain generation equality.

I have been paying more attention on the most vulnerable category of vulnerable persons (deaf women and girls). They are most vulnerable persons because a lot of people turn to keep them out of programs especially as sign language is a barrier.

You will be amazed how much their lives have changed positively ever since I launched an initiative on enhancing the economic empower of deaf and vulnerable persons using digital tools. I still remember how I use to carry a single computer and my phone to trainings. This same girls on the picture now own android phones all thanks to the visibility they got for their businesses as a result of using tech tools to expand their markets. I have learned that getting women and girls to embrace technology can be every and anywhere as seen on the photograph above. Brittany, on the left, Charlotte on my right, Sharon, Chanceline and Linda. These are all girls with hearing impairments who are part of my initiative and we always explore new opportunities whenever we meet. This day we were looking at new designs of beaded sandals and a watching its production on YouTube.

We continue to call on all stakeholders such as the family, community leaders and the government to encourage and motivate women to gain technological skills, and also provide the necessary resources to attain this goal. To all women out there, we are enough and can acquire any skill provided we set our hearts to it, keep motivating ourselves and keep taking the necessary steps to attain generation equality. In all this action sisters let’s do all we can to advocate for women and girls with disabilities to become an important part of our programs.

Thank you, World Pulse, for being such an eye opener to the situation of women in technology!!!

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