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Initiative Update

Technovation Bamenda Launch workshop

A few months back when I launched my DAC campaign entitled \" Bring a Girl to STEM\", I had been identifying and contacting interested potential mentors for my STEM programs at CYEED digital empowerment center for girls.

One of my main activities is to run a mentoring program called “ #STEMing Up a Sister”.

I have been very encouraged having more than 35 women contacting me via Facebook messenger, SMS and some came to my office. The number of volunteers keep on increasing every day.

On Saturday the 9th December 2017 I invited all these mentors for Technovation Bamenda Launch Event. Both young men and women were present for a 2 hours working session.

Our slogan for that day was “Empowering girls at same time empowering yourself”.

I presented the overview Technovation Challenge which is one the STEM programs offered to girls at CYEED :

  • What is Technovation?
  • What is the timeframe?
  • What problem do you want to solve?
  • Who is the user? What are their needs?
  • Design prototype and solutions
  • Communicate Ideas
  • Learn about App Inventor

2 other male speakers who are my collaborators were happy to support us. One of them talked about the benefits of women in tech, other STEM programs in which they could as well get involved and the last male speaker conducted the hands-on registration process for mentors as he shared his own mentoring experience.

We also had one of our past students who shared her coding experience and how Technovation changed her life forever.

Presently we are set to begin the program officially in January with students, for training proper following the Technovation Curriculum and deadlines.

One of our biggest challenges at moment is that we have poor internet connection. We are planning to get a better connection (stronger and reliable) for our digital empowerment center. This will require financial assistance for us to attain our goal and have successful winners.

In addition some of the mentors present were joining for the first time, I noticed that there was still that fear of failure in them. This has been a big issue in our community for women to stand up and speak out for social change

I encouraged and motivated them to be brave, by sharing my personal Tech journey. Another exciting moment was when I shared my World Pulse experience.The ladies were very happy and willing to join the digital revolution.

At the end of the event 20 mentors had signed up as Technovation Bamenda mentors and many others who were absent did that latter after close follow up by some volunteers.

Dear sister if you are interested in joining the digital trend, the time is now!

Visit our face book page where you can find all the steps to register as a mentor and find out the role you will have to play or you go to

At this critical moment we call on all our supporters and STEM passionates to help us with donations that can cover the cost of internet connection and office space, so that our girls can be trained to code FREE of charge at CYEED.

Thank you and Happy Newyear 2018 in advance!

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