Thank You for Participating!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the My Story Writing Opportunity. We were blown away by the response as over 150 submissions poured in before the deadline and flooded PulseWire with moving, inspiring and beautiful stories on \"Holding Hands.\"

We received submissions from many new voices in the community, as well as from members who haven't shared in some time. It is exciting to see new connections being made, deeper dialogue happening through comments, and a greater sense of community blossoming as PulseWire grows and our seasoned members lead and encourage new members in raising our voices for change!

We heard stories for the first time from women in Turkmenistan, Macedonia, Belarus and Papua New Guinea. Women from 48 different countries across the globe weighed in on their own personal experiences and interpretations on Holding Hands and your stories now form a powerful tapestry of testimony on this single theme as we virtually hold hands and make a bridge across oceans with our voices.

Our team of Listeners are currently reading through the submissions and evaluating them based on the criteria we provided you with. In the next few weeks our Editorial selection panel will make their final decision on the top three stories for publication that will be featured in Embody, the next edition of World Pulse Magazine, and which will each receive a $100 honorarium. Three to five additional stories will also appear in the magazine, however those will not be announced until closer to print time as it will depend on the space available and final layout. So stay tuned for the upcoming announcements!

Regardless of whether your story is chosen, it will live here on PulseWire as part of a global collection of stories that can be read, shared, enjoyed and discussed for years to come.

I encourage you to read the stories written by your global sisters to get a sense of the power within this beautiful collection of voices. And keep raising your voice, sharing your stories, reporting on issues in your community, and reaching out to your PulseWire sisters for companionship, support, collaboration and solidarity.

Together we make a powerful force!

In friendship,

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