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The bad Gender Game - Women Empowerment

I have been part of multiple forums and a board director or an advisory board on many organisations in India. Women Empowerment has become a new gender game and a new concept where women are elevated to a level where they are showered with positions, platforms, money and a lot of visibility. However, it is done by the same men who once upon a time were denying freedom to women, harassing them or stopping their growth. 

The new Gender Game has a new way of elevating the status of these men in society by showcasing that they are supporting women, it creates an image of a new man who is helping women see the newer world of freedom. The journey starts by creating platforms, inviting all accomplished women who have worked hard through their journey, accumulated status and power, giving them awards, showcasing their talent and making them sit on a pedestal. This leads to a lot of women going after such a man /men who are distributing the power and giving the status. It is building the new conflict amongst women to be in the best books of the one who is distributing the power. The unity, sisterhood and woman leadership is missing. Women supporting women and building the support by women for women is missing. Such men are driving everything in a masculine way with competition, ego, comparison, power and using women to progress their agenda or goals. The same old story in a new bottle looks beautiful until you see a lack of sisterhood, long term goals for women. 

I hope women look beyond such men and support the sisterhood


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