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The BAGS can SAVE the WORLD!

Textile waste is a problem in Nigeria that the Covid 19 lockdown inspired us to address.

Fashion Designers and Tailors cut fabrics into pieces to sew together in order to create garments.  They dispose the excess fabric waste into the landfills, which will never biodegrade, and will eventually affect drinking water.  Some dispose of this textile waste into the drainage systems, especially during the rainy seasons. This creates blockage in the water infrastructure.   The same waste ends up in streams, rivers, and oceans. This is a severe life threat to our water ecosystem.

The world produces 13 million tons of textile waste each year.  It takes 20-200 years to decompose. While in the landfill it produces greenhouse gasses like methane that are harmful to the Earth.

During the Covid19 lockdown in Nigeria, as a collective, we safely got busy to create a solution for this ongoing travesty of fabric waste.  Our solution is BAGs! We collected the textile waste from the local Fashion Designers and Tailors directly, and created recycled fabric ladies BAGs.  Our BAGs are Beautiful, Affordable, and Genuine to the cause of solving a major problem. These wonderful  BAGs have created community awareness, cooperation and support.

Please join us in our effort to save our Planet one BAG at a time.  Click "Message" to express your support for our BAG initiative. We ship to most destinations.

When you carry our BAG, you carry a Beautiful, Affordable, and Genuine solution for the world!

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