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The Body Talk

To be a woman is to be born into the biology of a woman and through the biology of a woman.

|I am speaking of a specific context while respecting and honoring all of us here, however we identify ourselves.|

The biology of a woman is the biology of nature or rather the dance of nature clocked into women’s body at the microcosm level. It is the cycle of birth, growth, blossoming, harvest, decline, death and rebirth embodied. It is the macrocosm embodied within and in the microcosm. A woman’s body goes through the seasonal changes on a daily basis, every second; every minute and every hour till her breaths leave her body.


Ask any woman and she will tell you how her body changes and evolves and how the water of her emotions, her fire of actions, the air of her movements, the earth of her bones and muscles , the space of thoughts are in constant movements, to such an extent that life can be challenging for her.


The challenges speak of disconnect with this body, the unmet trauma, the shame, the fear of the implications of being born in a woman’s body, the numbness of what had to be frozen to live life.


While we pave the way forward for women here and those yet to come, the body talks are called to be an integral and needed part of the conversations. When we bring the experience of the material bodies forth, we are calling into our connection with, through and within nature.

From this stance, we will become present to how human’s sculpturing of nature is replicated in bodies especially those of women. And we will become present to our disconnects with our bodies, our numbing, our unmet trauma, our shame, our guilt, our beliefs of wrongness and rightness about life. And we will become present to the wisdom dwelling within this body, wisdom held and understood by the ancient ones and indigenous cultures.


And suddenly we become aware that everything is here and not “out there”. The pollution, the toxins, the poisons, the fertilizers, the flooding, the washed away sands, the lack of rain, the uncontrollable fires, the wastes from our world are in our communities, our homes and our bodies.


“Whether pesticides, microplastics, or heavy metals, we are responsible for having saturated our landscapes with waste. Recognizing this permits us the opportunity to choose healing and repair.” Thomas Hubl, from Collective Trauma Healing



Women empowerment is in truth environment activism at it’s core and as women begin this walk, the echoes reverberate across lands, times and plane, the uniting of all with the intention to integrate collective trauma meeting through and within the bodies.

Regardless of the international, local and communities actions and standard to cleaner and environmentally friendly standards, we will keep seeing the repetition of dishonest practices that refuse to see our impacts on the environment and our bodies.


“We must embrace real-world practices for remediation and environmental care, but to fully embody those changes in any lasting or systemic way, we will have to address the murky ecological terrain of the collective shadow.” Thomas Hubl, Collective Trauma Healing


The work begin home with, through and within our bodies.


What is your relationship with your body?

Where do you experience comfort and dis-comfort in your body here and now?

How often do you wish you were elsewhere than in your body?

As a woman, what does this body symbolize for you?

What part of your body are you struggling to meet and embrace?

Are there any part of your body that you do not feel?


As you look into, through and within your body, are you able to see, feel and hear the embodiment of nature through and within you?


My words are an invitation. An invitation to open the doors for and to curiosity.

Curiosity in meeting you, the woman within you, not just through her intellect, but from her body, her womb, her vagina, her lips, her running waters between her legs, her monthly blood, her dense forest between legs, her orgasms, her longing, her desires, her seeking, her movements, her hips, her breasts, her buttocks, her shoulders, her legs and her entirety.


Such meeting is not to be rushed.

Such meeting unfold through shyness, curiosity and to be met and to meet in deep reverence for self.


Love from my heart to yours

Love from my womb to you

Love from my body to yours

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