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The Fairy Tale is Over

Being a Wedding Coordinator has its perks. Free meal, if the couple has thought about us into the service crew meal in the seating arrangements. Most of all, has the access of the suppliers in all aspects of the wedding preparations. Other than being an OC or Over Compulsive or likewise being control of the entire wedding production from the planning stage until the wedding day itself. A very detailed process. If you cannot commit into marriage, just plan a wedding.

A reminder that there is a difference between weddings and marriage. Wedding is a ceremony in which two people agreed to be married. While, marriage is commitment by two people binded by a legal contract, acknowledge in our society as an institution.

Meeting my friend in this sad moment of her life and having coffee at Starbucks. I have a friend who is now married for almost 2 years, where I am one of her wedding coordinators. I cannot mention her name due to some circumstances. They have a dream wedding that where sometimes she became a quite a "Bride-zilda" or in other words, a rare case of having wedding not-so-good attitude of a bride to-be. But, in the wedding ceremony itself, everything went well, a dream wedding come true and the guests are having fun in her wedding.

Anyway, this friend of mine is now in the process of annulment. The honeymoon is over. A "Declaration of Nullity" is in waiting to be declared by the courts. This is quite expensive just like having a wedding and if there is a divorce. Annulment is a legal procedure for declaring the marriage is null and void. Unlike divorce, it is the final termination of a marriage between the parties.

The Philippines is a predominant Christian Culture. There is no divorce in the Philippine Laws except for the Muslims. But, the rest of the Filipinos, divorce is not available. In the Roman Catholics here are against divorce. "What God has joined together, let no one separate." Matthew 19:6. As well as the Pro-Lifers, they are also against it because it is anti-life.

Divorce is a very controversial issue. Most women are waiting for the right opportunity in having a divorce in the Philippines. Women here are bound into the double standard stereo-typed society. I mean, that most men, once they are married for quite sometime, they have the tendency to be promiscuous, having another woman besides his wife and having another family.

It is very unfair. The Philippine society allows it that most husbands can do this to their wives. A woman who will commit such act is considered condemned by society. It is a case of a double standard favored to the men. Women have also the right to be free from such inequality by the Philippine Law.

I quote from that "Let people have a choice in what to do with our lives." And that men and women have the right to be equal in the eyes of society especially in our Philippine Law.

To my friend and you know who you are, we are still waiting... waiting... waiting...

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