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The global feminism march for the girls

As World Pulse sisters who have been graced to encounter the month of October, let’s celebrate girls all over the world with a sense of pride. I keyed into my girlhood days before the woman I became today and I knew I had to share my amazing story.

As an advocate for children, especially girl child education, I make bold to say that the world is no longer a place where male sex should believe they deserve all the benefits and the respect just because they are men who wear the trousers, with the broad chests and the religious tag of being the head of the home.

Hence, the dawn of the greatest awakens to mankind, Global Feminism which I am so passionate about.

I knew a woman who was married to a man for over 30 years without enjoying the pleasures of conjugal rights. In fact, if she dared to speak on the matter, she was constantly reminded that she was a woman married into the home and so she only had to obey and accept without question. As a woman with little or no education nor skill set, and having six children in a time where the marriage was all about submission, she took every pain with a pinch of salt and swallowed every hurt until she became less emotional and tough. So much that the world would almost tag her a misandrist. This woman is my mother and I celebrate her every day for being constant, enduring, and ever-present till today.

Truthfully, there is a conclusive notion about the word “FEMINISM” and what it connotes. In attending events and partaking in webinars, I often discover that the moment the topic tilts to issues of women and young girls, the conclusion arrived at is that the host of the event must be a feminist. If it happens to be that she is over 30 years of age, unmarried and successful, her audience would have a full day analyzing her profile, paycheck and the rest is history.  My late sister was a victim of these assessments and I can say it made her feel like she owed the world an explanation for being single and successful.

The world needs to embrace today’s woman who is confident, independent and so deserves to be given all the equal privileges of the male sex as long as she is doing what he does and more. This is where my passion for women’s rights and the girl child education all started.

Global feminism is not about displacing the men but reminding them that you cannot afford to take decisions nor the credit for everything without a female voice.

 It took years for the world to believe that a woman could one day become the President of any country. It took the likes Isabel Martínez de Perón of Argentina, the first female president in the world to break that jinx irrespective of opinions raised about her.

No woman should be belittled or treated unfairly just because she is seen as the weaker sex. The world is no longer about the weaker sex but about the way forward. Women need to be empowered and their rights well- defined, strengthened, and protected.

The past months of fighting the ravaging coronavirus pandemic globally have equally exposed a lot of loopholes in the safety of women and young girls out there. The increasing cases of rape and sexual violent practices during lockdowns have made it clear that women and young girls, more than ever, need their rights to life fully entrenched and the time for that active march is NOW.

World leaders and bodies cannot afford to only talk and make promises. They need to act for the safety of women and young girls, especially in volatile regions globally.

The story of the “Chibok Girls,” is a Nigerian tale of what happens to innocent females in a region of violence and terrorism. Their safety is being compromised and their future, uncertain. This needs to stop.

Global feminism is not an action to become sexist but a mission towards raising the voice and hope of every young girl. They need not be afraid to take up challenges. They don’t need to feel that they must step down for the opposite sex even when they have put in just as much work. They don’t need to feel it’s okay to be raped and keep quiet or to be paid less just because they are the only women working among men.

This October, as we celebrate and deliberate for girls all over the world, one fact must be noted, no girl should grow to become a woman who feels relegated to the background because a nation is only half fulfilled except it empowers and upholds the role of women in their society.


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