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The hired communal garden helping women and girls discover their potentials when covic19 takes food off their plates

Hey sisters, greetings from the Eastern part of Uganda. Am so thankful to God for enabling us to hire a communal garden for widows in my community. Through your support and contributions we managed to hire 2 acres of land for 2 years. Without mentioning names here my vote of thanks is extended to my world pulse sisters that have contributed towards the widow's garden. Your encouragements, moral and financial support are highly regarded and received with thanks giving.

For those who don't know, I have a ministry helping teen moms and widows. In my community when you loose your husband the husband's family takes up whole the property living you with your children. Most widows survive on farming in people's gardens and they are paid with food which is commonly cassava, sweet potatoes and green bananas. 

Covic19  has swept off even this small provisions they could get after farming in people's gardens because those who used to hire these women and girls for food stopped when schools and some work places were closed and can now do the farming themselves, those families also depend on their gardens for survival because many lost their jobs during the lock down mostly those who worked in schools, church projects, restaurants, markets and public place.all those were shut down by the government to limit the spread of the virus.

 Hope On The Rock ministries came in with the widow's communal garden idea. The idea was financed and we hired agarden for these precious souls.the garden has brought so much hope for the hopeless vulnerable women and girls to have food. We are not just farming but getting to know each other, training children to help others, sharing, training children to farm and work in unity and become a blessing to their communities and above all we expect food for these precious adorable families

Thank you world pulse sisters for encouraging me when I shared my communal garden idea on this platform, you didn't discourage me even when I was discouraged myself because I didn't have resources to even start up a small garden that we have now. Your encouraging comments and like drove me to this you're part of my community supporting crew. 

The widows and girls are many for this small garden and we pray for more gardens in at least every village in my community. Please keep us in prayers and stay blessed

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