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The improvement of the activities in world pulse shows that we must invest on victims suffering from GBV

Social discrimination against women in the communities especially in my community is the most depressing thing ever because of the rate of discrimination between men and women ( early marriage, rape, domestic violence etc).

The lack of awareness and education is really a big disease without treatment because at the violence that is happening in my community because of the restrictions of some of the activities such as education, marriages at tender age, limitations of movement etc makes the women's world very very limited.

No matter how low or loud your voice is, it has been heard by the world pulse family and that is the more reason why voices are never low as far as the sister hood is concern.

Sensitizing, educating and creating awareness in the communities concerning GBV, makes them to understand the  potential consequences of sexual decisions.

Communication as a basic necessity, understanding the problems and language of the people in the communities and their health issues (behaviours), will make the world a better place where we can live inn.

From look of things, the sister hood is bend on adjusting and making the communities a better place to live in. Thanks to the sister hood for taking the initiative to come up with measures, ways, spending sleepless nights bringing up methods in assisting the communities. 

I know that reasons for implementing these measures is to stop GBV in all forms and in all circumstances and most especially unwanted pregnancies, STI's, HIV/AIDS from young girls and mothers (10_25yrs of age) because some of these men with their wicked heart knows that they have STD's. So they want to destroy these women by infecting them with these diseases in other to make them have a miserable life.

The world pulse sisters have vowed in their powers to demolish this bad act by :

_ They believe that GBV will not end until women become part of the solution

_  They will take pride in themselves as women

_  They are angry that people they know have been hurt

_ They know that women are raped every minute in the communities.

_ They understand that GBV is a crime against women's bodies, women's emotional well being and women's right to do with their bodies as they choose

_ They recognize that men and women will not be equal till GBV ends

_ They know that happiness between men and women is difficult in a world where GBV exist

_ They have taken the responsibility to assist in making this a safer world.

With all these responsibilities, its encourages and inspires me and maybe my other sisters in this family of a blessed one to keep up with the work and strength because this family is the back bone of every community.

Because of the activities in this family I would also like to take a pledge:

_ I will also speak out my anger about GBV

_ Continuously talking with women about GBV

_ Look at how women are raised that helps create a culture where GBV is possible

_ Interrupt GBV jokes

_ Support laws that encourage women to take responsibility to GBV

_ Listen to women friends, to fears and concerns for their safety

_ Pay attention to cries for help

_ Challenge images of violence against women in advertising and pornography

_ Encourage women to be strong and powerful

_ Recognize that cooperation is power

_ Support women wishing to end GBV

_ Change whatever I am doing that helps create a culture where GBV is possible.

That's my pledge to do everything in my power end GBV.


Gender-based Violence
Human Rights
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