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The Journey of Change

There is a common saying that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The ‘Voices of our Future’ to me happens to be such a step. It as a major step, just as it is a bold step. It is exciting to connect with other women. These first few weeks have been encouraging and inspiring to say the least. Having received correspondence from women in various walks of life and had the opportunity to link and interact with others through has been a wonderful and rejuvenating experience.
The voices of Our Future is more than I expected. There is such an openness of heart and mind, and the stories revealed are moving. It totally makes sense to picture oneself in the other’s shoe especially for those who have been through difficult moments as revealed. There is so much happening out there in this world, the knowledge of it all simply amplifies the importance of life and living it service. All of a sudden, the word ‘sisterhood’ has a different light for me.
As a young woman and a first born child, somehow I have been drawn to women issues. I can’t really point a finger to one particular thing but can definitely paint the picture of situations that have led me here and given me the passion for women. Yes, I can totally relate with the aspect of the bar being raised higher for women. However, I would not build on ‘me’ only as a contributing factor to this passion. I guess, somehow, I can be strong and look beyond me. I guess what really ignites the fire in me is my experience with women around me. If not for me, may I be a voice for others, them that I really wish I could take the burden and heartache off from. This also directly connects with the organization am part of that reaches out to women.
I am happy to have ‘stumbled’ across the information on Voices of our Future and to be a part of it. Now, this journey is for these that I know of and for those I will meet. Its for the girl who so much had the passion to study and excel and get a decent job to support her family. However, she being a girl; a woman, had to work extra and indecent jobs at that tender age, through the nights to support her family and at daytime be at school. Why would her dreams die so early, she hardly had the chance to pursue them. It’s a journey for the little girl, who hardly knew herself, but unfortunately lost her womanhood before she understood what it means. It is a journey for the woman, who now all grown despite her hard and difficult childhood has to face the world, carry its cross, birth and nurture, and yet with her pain, her labor through her tears, paints this world with life and love. I salute every woman!

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