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Initiative Update

The Liluye Blog Has Officially Started!

Great news...we've started a blog! The first post was written by our Staff Writer, Emma Lees, who interviewed our amazing Cameroonian partner, Fanwi Seraphine Kakwi ( from MercySeed (MSO).

You won't want to miss this in depth, insightful look at Fanwi's life, what inspired her to start her NGO, more about the transformational work she does, as well as her aspirations for the future of MSO.

Upcoming articles include:

  • An interview with our partner and first workshop owner, Busayo (WIDC) (
  • An interview with Victor Lyons, Liluye partner and PTSD group trainer
  • An interview with our partner Ruchira Gupta (Apne Aap)
  • An interview with our partner Mojisola (Twenty-First Century Entrepreneurs) (
  • An interview with out partner Sunita (Sunita Foundation)
  • An interview with our partner Swati Soharia (Katran)
  • An interview with our partner Shandra Woworuntu (Mentari)

#Liluye #LiluyeSpirit

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