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The next to intention setting is CHAOS

We play hard in today’s world. We are taught to be strategic, to have vision, to set goals and objectives and to work out a road map.

All this is fine, all this is needed, all this is vital. In my work as a consultant and as a coach, some of the first questions I ask my clients are: “What do you want? Given you are here today, where do you see yourself 5years down? What is your objective for asking for a meeting? What do want to explore in today’s conversation but will make a huge difference for you?

And this drill down to specific and when we get specific into “whatever we want”, we start activating life within without.

I am not getting into any “wishful thinking” theory but the fact is life is energy, you are energy, everything is energy and every intention of yours is nothing but just energy. This life is meta-physical in every ways known and yet to be known by human. Setting Intention means calling forth energy and activating the channels and expect the unexpected to happen.

In practice what it means is this and it is something that probably many of us out there would not want to hear, to see and feel –“Setting Intention means opening the doors to Chaos”

For most of us setting intentions means being in control of not only what we want but also how, when and where that “specific want” will manifest unto us. The Key word is CONTROL!! This is where chaos arises and rises.

Let’s get more specific, for I really love this word “Specific”.

Suppose you set that intention to become a Yoga Instructor and let’s suppose that this intention was set because you did your homework, your inner drilling and you found out that this is your calling.

Any strategic session will get you to work out on your action plan linked to your vision or objective.

You have a clear vision with an action plan with specific actions such as yoga instructor training and your daily practice among others.

And you start this journey. You are happy, excited, thrilled, you are learning, you feel you are growing but then suddenly Tsunamis. There are happenings you never planned for. Aches, pains, tears, fears - over this journey shit starts happening.

Let’s name some specifics: People start being mad at you, you start being weird around certain people and places, your diet changes, you uncover hidden inner physical issues as well as emotional issues. Your circles of friends start shifting, the way you communicate is evolving and much more.

We often call these challenges but you call these hurdles, obstacles or people’s jealousy or life’s unfairness or back luck or ill-fate. You were minding your business and then CHAOS.

And this is where this whole energy concept steps in. When you set an intention for a future, regardless of how close or near that future is, it summons life’s energy. This summoning does many things – it ensures that your intention manifests at maturation, provided you invest energy and passion and work for it but it also ensures that when that intention manifests, You the Seeker – is ready in the most appropriate form to embrace that manifestation.

In simple terms, it means you have an intention of becoming a Yoga Instructor, then you start engaging into activities which will lead you to that intention.

When that Yoga Instructor reaches the end of his/her apprenticeship, which technically means he/she is finally getting to embody that Yoga Instructor Archetype, he/she is now no more the same person who started that journey. The person who set that intention was not the Yoga Instructor back then – so energy realigns itself to ensure that the person and the manifestation are vibrationally matching. Hence, change, transformation and metamorphosis were and are inevitable part this journey.

We are living beings. Seriously do you expect your physical, emotional, spiritual and soul space be the same when you reach that set intention?

When you set intentions be groundedly aware that change, transformation, metamorphosis are part of this process. You will have to sift and shift and elevate to embrace that manifested intention of yours. You will have to let go of beliefs, habits, people, places, things. It will feel, seem and sound chaotic but it will ease and cease eventually.

Not all that is chaotic is bad, not all that is chaotic is black, not all that is chaotic is true. Some chaos are serving and empowering.

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