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The power of Economic freedom in wealth creation and prosperity

Freedom creates space for knowledge acquisition and innovation, Knowledge paves way for innovation,invention and production. Innovation champions human potential and  productivity,this spearheads automatic economic transformation, wealth creation and prosperity of individuals and a nation at large. it is through this that wealth creation becomes a must for economically free nations and for their citizens. standards of livings increase due to productivity,entrepreneurship and the influence of free markets trade,cooperation,voluntary exchange and free trade since as many individuals pursue to achieve their own interests they end up producing and making what others need hence improves their lives unknowingly.

Governments do not create wealth because its not their cardinal role ,the essential role of government should be  to protect its people their property, their rights and freedoms in order for them to create wealth and prosperity without interruption from any one.

Government only gets money through taking away from some one else and giving it to a certain group which in most cases the group it gives(rich through subsidies and tax holidays) is far better off than the one it takes away from.(the poor who pay mandatory and coerced taxes).

Government only acquires income through 1.)printing money, 2.)borrowing it or 3.) raising taxes of which all of them have effects on the economy. Printing more and more money can actually cause inflation devaluation as money looses its value therefore the currency becomes too useless. and,borrowing money makes the loan to accrue more interests and becomes hard for government to pay back therefore this hikes the Debt burden and government responds by creating other new taxes in a bid to either convince the borrowers or borrow again which again fuels economic oppression of the majority citizens and in most cases economic stagnation.

This well explains why the most developed world economies are investing in borrowing these poor countries yet their trick is that they want governments to fail to pay back and then take over their resources and also control their economies and that is their future plan, if at All these countries don't rise up Especially in Africa ,they will be colonised and controlled again in the new forms of colonialism "Neo colonialism" and econ-Controlism and imperialism.

Real economic inequality is due to lack of naturality,lack of  economic freedom and the central planning that involves commands,Coercion and force that is caused by governments in their Bid to create economic equality yet they instead create the opposite.

The only way is to let people enjoy freedom,economic freedom,equal opportunities and let hard work and individual potential reward everyone accordingly.

This will create economic differences that most government and socialists often term as economic inequality in their perspectives but they are wrong Because those are just differences created normally,morally and naturally by the powers and forces of the market ,the natural principles of demand and supply. These are economic differences created due to the levels of how individuals work.


    "Economic freedom creates economic equality and prosperity".

          -George J Kanyihamba.

    SFL Uganda.


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