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the Power of Web 2.0

East or west, at the Arctic and Antarctic my voice can now be heard and my words can reach people in a matter of seconds! With one click I can access any information I want. We can absolutely search any word in the world and get thousands of related information to that one word. It is exciting that Web 2.0 has made it easier for so many people to educate themselves about other places and other people. It is also exciting how cheaper things have gotten ever since we started using Web 2.0. During my whole school time, I used more online sources like YouTube for illustrations rather than buying expensive books. With my online subscriptions to world news web sites, I spent less money on new papers and magazines.

I think through the Web 2.0 so many cases can be brought forward for a global discussion. Issues like gender equality, arranged marriages, honor killing, rape, violence against women, etc. can all be discussed and brought into arguments on a global scale through the Web 2.0 platform. The powerful side of this platform is that it does not just mention those issues like other media platforms, but it also allows people to debate and criticize them. Stories will be spread, people’s feelings, awareness and conscious will also be touched, and here where we find ideologies, ideas, norms come into action. People would favor certain acts, others would object! All this will lead to the “change”. I can’t think of the times I Changed my mind about certain people after reading a certain story or witnessed some accident. Most of the misunderstanding around the world comes from the miscommunication and the misinterpretation of things around us. The more we read about what is going on around us, the more we understand, analyze, reject or accept our ideas. Through Web 2.0 Women can prove their part in the world and how brilliant some women are, even though they live in places some people wonder they exist on the map. Web 2.0 will provide more support to women posting their issues or stories, makes people around the world understand things before they come into judgment.

Through my social media activity and getting connected to people I got to spread my work activity and become well known inside my home town for being a freelancing recruiter. Through online blogging my voice reached so many people in the States when I was blogging about my experience as an Iraqi person visiting the States, and I got so many new supporters and friends. Through social networking I got to participate in many programs, such as Women in connecting cultures where I was placed with 16 other women in the desert of Oman to discuss our cultural values, after which I got to have 16 new friends, know 16 new culture, and above all, spread my voice as an Iraqi woman who survived war to 16 other country!

Northern America
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