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Initiative Update

The strength of the voice.

Dear sisters, as you know, I have been dedicated since April 4th, 2020 to listening to the poetry and singing of Brazilian and world artists. Talented artists who are not part of the mainstream media. At this time I was able to bring them home. I talk to each one individually. And I've been listening to their pain, participating by praying when they fell with COVID or when one of their family members got sick, in addition to being happy with their achievements and joys. Our cast has grown today we have 300 artists, the work requires affection, attention, encouragement and often support in building the product or sending it to other resources that can embrace these arts. Now in addition to our weekly Issues which is currently in the 95th Edition on Youtube, we now have a radio show. I'm reinventing myself, learning to convert mp4 into mp3, to use other applications like Audaci, making voiceovers to link the works and give a program concept. I created a space with just one question, I ask the question and the respondent speaks for a maximum of 10 minutes. The objective is to listen to that person's voice on relevant issues such as: Prejudice, the difficulty of black women to reach literature, homophobia, accessibility... And speaking of accessibility, I have learned a lot, and I decided that every book I make is necessary to have an E-book in PDF so that the visually impaired can read it if they so wish. I have been talking to writer friends about the topic and asking for attention to this demand that we can embrace in such a simple way. I just finished a course in cultural production and found out that I'm already a producer. The World Pulse has reminded me of training, how much I learned. I know I need to learn more. Our Soiree on Slum was nominated for an Art in Movement award. We will receive you on November 11th.

In addition to these works: 1 weekly soiree in a video hosted on Youtube; 1 weekly soiree on Webrádiocaminhosdeaxe program, I have some vegetables to use for meals and to donate. I've been doing lives talking about poetry, the most recent was for an inaugural women's literature class, “Fundamental Voices” and I've also talked about World Pulse. I'm participating in a women's group in Brazil called Bom dia with women's literature from my dear friend Jeovânia Pinheiro from the State of Paraíba, and in the storyteller group “\"Hands that sew stories\"” from the State of Santa Catarina. I'm running for two Edicts to make a soiree just with women and another to make a book where I'll have other women working. Yes, I'm working with a lot of love and I haven't come here, but the gratitude and my love for everyone continues, and Soiree on Slum is World Pulse, the logo is weekly strengthening my gratitude for everything I've learned, and the music, the poetry, the different ways of speaking are coming out into the air and reaching hearts that want to embrace them, Kisses in everyone and health always.

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