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The Taking of NYC

The city of 24/7 in every way has turned its eyes towards us for a few magical moments, same as the people in the elegant Washington DC. Eileen Fisher, our sponsor has stores in both cities and has prepared two extraordinary venues to present the Voices of Our Future to the community of people engaged in the love for life and freedom of speech that World Pulse promotes: The very first speaking venue in NYC and the third in DC.

Of course, we needed to attend in elegant attires so Eileen Fisher was kind enough to let us search for the correct three pieces to wear during the events. There we went. Totally unusual for us, sized differently from what we are used to in our countries, the clothes seemed to look at us from behind the hangers as wondering if we would fit in them…

One whole morning shopping! That is what it took for us to decide from so many options. It is just that the clothes from Eileen Fisher are one thing in the hanger, but another in your body. They fit really well and the cut of each piece is marvelous. So it was hard to decide. But the four of us (Jensine Larsen included), were finally able to figure out what to buy.

Of course, the three correspondents ended up buying… petite sizes. In the pictures you can see us all in front of the smallest pieces they carry at Eileen Fisher, and then at the venue itself. It was our first speaking round. We were tired. We were nervous. We sat on our benches facing the small crowd… and Jensine made the presentations.

Without knowing it, suddenly people were relating to our words and opening their secret inner self, paying attention as if we were old friends meeting again. In a moment, the eyes of the people staring, wondering what this was all about, turned into smiles and the heads that were being held up straight and defiant turned into bodies nodding with appreciation. Their eyes began to tell us “yes I have been there, yes I understand, and yes, this is necessary for a better world”. We mingled, we made new friends.

We could feel the ice barriers melting, and the correspondents had done their job. Across the barriers of language and cultural differences, we managed to find common grounds of love for humanity and respect for women. And we laughed, and we didn´t only speak to the crowd. We hugged it.

Latin America and the Caribbean
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