The Maasai tribe is found in both Kenya and Tanzania in Eastern Africa and are mainly nomads (pastoralists); usually slim and tall in stature. The gradual threat of the climate which results in extreme temperature is slowly affecting the source of livelihood of this distinctive tribe. It has been observed that some of the Maasai who could not cope with this change in climate is slowly migrating to urban cities, where they are picking up jobs as security guards.
They complained that the extreme weather is not making the business of pastoralism lucrative, as most grazing lands are disappearing and the ones found are distant. Tanei Sanaipei from Namanga in Kenya border town, who agreed to speak with Tina Armstrong-Ogbonna, a caravan journalist said the disappearance of more grazing lands recently almost led to a communal clash, as a Maasai was almost mobbed by a neighbouring community. He said the gods could be angry and the earth is reacting by the increased temperature been experienced.Tanei also argued that no amount of science could explain the change in climate but that man’s wickedness is increasing globally.
Whether the gods are angry or the earth is getting hotter due to global warming and resulting in climate change, one not too distant truth is that more Maasai would migrate to urban cities and loose interest in pastoral farming. This would lead to threat in food security as there would be less meat for sale, increase population in cities across East Africa, lost in cultural trait as the urban Maasai would have to adapt to their new environment and culture, and gradual extinction of the MAASAI RACE.
It would be pertinent for Governments in Eastern African Countries to work towards helping the Maasai race, in adapting to Climate Change and provide schemes that would boost pastoral farming in this region, as a meatless society could result in a protein-deficient diet and further compound the level of mal-nutrition in Africa.

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