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The Voice Within

Part 5 Donna’s Final Message to you
Firstly I feel the biggest mistakes people make in today’s society is they do not talk about
their problems, or even admit to them we are not so indifferent, we all have feelings men
and women alike. We are afraid of the status quo or what people might think. We are weak
and so on. I am afraid to tell you it takes a strong person to look in the mirror and admit you
need to change, it takes a strong person to aim at your dreams and needs and go for them. It
is as easy as 1,2,3 all you have to do is face/confront challenges, admit to good and bad,
make choices, aim for your dreams, have faith, and belief in yourself. We are all alike, we
all want the same things peace and love in our lives and a profession we are happy in, we
naturally perform at our best when we are happy and doing what it is we are good at or
want. I am neither a famous movie star nor a famous identity or even have a PhD just an
everyday person just like you with a vision of helping others to overcome life’s challenges.
If it takes me putting my life experiences out there for all to see just to help one person well
it has been worth it. I have to say it has been the most cleansing, enjoyable and uplifting
experience. The main thing I have learnt from my journey is you have to make choices, take
control over your life, thoughts, and feelings.
I have a simple saying – if it feels good, do it. If it does not, do not.
Do not let an unhappy childhood ruin you. Gain strength, knowledge and character,
remember you are who you are because of those events, and learn from it, gain love,
compassion and forgiveness. That is your choice.
Do not let grief, resentment and unhappiness consume you, it will eat away at you. We do
not have any answers as to why we lose the people we love, however what I do know is that
only you can feel that special something from that person that no one else can have. How
special is that, and it lasts a lifetime. The sun keeps coming up so do not waste it. Identify
what you are here for. I realized my purpose was to raise two children. You may think these
just simple tasks, however how proud I am. I believe the most important thing I have done is
to bring them up in a loving home, to be well grounded, show them what the world had to
offer and what they were capable of, show them life’s lessons good and bad, and at times I
did not think I was going to master it, however I did. Was it easy? No. Did I enjoy it? Yes.
My children now have their journey to experience with their partners. I am truly blessed I
had two children, now turned into four, who I truly adore and treat as my own.
I now have my life to lead, with the support of four beautiful people.
Do not let a bad relationship consume you. You have to be happy in all aspects of life. If
you feel you have given your power and identity away, you will only feel self-pity, sadness,
‘The Voice Within – Finding my Spirit ’ © Donna Day October 2010 1 51
and anger and lose your self-respect, and you are better than that. Only you can change it.
Think about why you are in this relationship, you cannot blame anyone if you do not take
the stand now. It is your choice to be there.
In addition, remember like attracts like. If you open your heart and mind and aim for your
dreams what will flow and come back to you will be incomprehensible I promise you. What
do you have to lose? Life is too short not to enjoy it.
Take notice of the things sent to you. I was so moved by the customer that brought ‘The
Secret’ DVD into my salon. That was my turning point. I played that DVD on a large TV
screen at reception in the salon every day, and it embedded itself in my mind. I shared it
with everyone who walked into my salon. Who would think of that? Remember, I said that
the salon was more than just a beauty salon, it touched and changed many people including
me and it just took one person to do it.
When I bought the book ‘Inside my Heart’, by Jane McGraw I did not even realise what it
was about or who she was. I just wanted something to read on the beach that afternoon, and
it became another life changing moment. That day on the beach during my weekend away, I
made a life changing decision that I was going to stop work (My God!), move away from
my home and write my book. I had always wanted to however did not know how until Jane
McGraw opened my heart and inspired me, and that just took one person.
Then I bought the Jack Canfield book - the one you have to read. I again did not know what
I was buying or what it was about, only that it had a red cover - another life changing
moment. I followed every step, highlighted, studied it, and worked towards my goals, and I
now have my book completed. That too just took one person.
The people you meet - did you ever stop and think why they have come into your life? I
have met some amazing people. Remember I said I did not have many friends growing up.
That was because I isolated myself. Once I opened my heart, I could see the people I had in
my life whom I treasured and were true friends and the things that lit my path were right
under my nose.
Like me, when you stop and look at your life, sometimes you may see things you do not
like, although that is a good thing. It helps you identify with change, and maybe you needed
that to happen. Fate works in mysterious ways. All I am trying to say is you make the
choices in your life; you choose the life you wish to have and lead, all the while growing and
learning. It makes us all stronger and more determined. In addition, always remember - love
and forgiveness will carry you far.
‘The Voice Within – Finding my Spirit ’ © Donna Day October 2010

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