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The widow's communal garden more than a source of hope for women and girls

Hey family, for those that are seeing my stories on the world pulse platform for the first time I welcome you deeply in this family where women share their stories to encourage others and am always encouraged when I share my stories to the world pulse sisters. So I encourage to get encouraged with my stories

During the lock down I got an idea of the communal garden as a source of food for starving women and young mothers. I had nothing to expect apart from that and I never had even a single coin and i was also struggling as a single mother to feed my two children for I lost my job because of epidemic, my love for my community and mothers mostly the young mothers and widows drove my sight to see far and beyond what was happening then.

I got a sister who contacted me and sent me money to hire at least an acre for a garden for one year, the widow's garden!!!!!! The widow's communal garden is more than hope for food it's many things.


It's a place of fellowship, Making friends, lonely and abandoned young mothers and widows get friends in the garden and visit each other's homes that were abandoned and neglected, they share their past challenges and how they came out of them to help those that are in the same challenges for we all know that \"experience is the best teacher\" , it's a place of sharing what ever we have like home basics for we believe\" sharing is caring\", the garden has become a place where relationships are cultivated, Everytime we go to the garden we receive new faces that are sad and go back jolly, encouraged and cheerful, hope is restored and we learn how to love and forgive.

Today as I went to the widow's communal garden, I was almost failing to make it there yet am always with them whenever they go to the garden, I knew if I don't go they will all be discouraged because I have never missed being with them in the garden. A widow's grand daughter called me and sent me transport fare and I finally made there . 

Today I noticed that the widow's communal garden is a source of fire wood for those that can't fetch it because of old age, I didn't know so I was going to miss this sweet story of hope to mothers in my community. I never saw this when I conceived the idea of the widow's communal garden. Some come to fetch fire wood that is used in the local stoves to cook their food.

I know some of you my sisters don't know fire wood and what it is used for or you have never seen a local cooking stove but some sisters know it and can you believe people can lack that in their homes?!!

My world pulse sisters your vision to help women and girls in your community can look small but bigger than what you think, it keeps expanding and getting bigger and touching many lives when its implementation begins. Its a small garden for the number of women and young mothers we have but it's impact is big and we believe God for provisions to hire more gardens and I believe widow's and teen moms Ministry will own land for if we can rent a small garden there's Hope to own a permanent garden.  The pictures show widows and young girls with firewood

I still remain your world pulse sister ,the director of Hope on the Rock ministries Jinja Uganda East Africa 

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