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The Widow's mite!

Hello dearest, I guess it is still safe to say a "Happy New Year to you all". Season Greetings to all my Sisters out there. May we always find reason to be glad and celebrate!

Just before I breeze out, I'll like to share something with you.

It is about choices. First, I'm assuming you've appraised yourself for the just concluded 365days calendar (2021). How well did you achieve your goals? 

One of the most expedient things that can and will make a difference between the goals you've set to achieve now and the ones you couldn't achieve then(previous year/calendar) will be the choices you make and  your intentionality about them. 

This season, Choose to be very intentional. Breakdown your year into weeks and follow through with your plans, that way the year doesn't look " long" and you won't be unnecessarily relaxed while time is going without it being maximized.

I came to tell you this, Be very Conscious about the choices you make.

Choose to be excellent!

Choose to be Happy!

Choose to be Exceptional!

Choose to be Intentional!

Most importantly, choose you, your Growth! Embrace the process!

I will see you very soon..

Till then, keep soaring!

All my love, 

Folasade Ademilola

#Positivity #growthmindset #choice

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