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The Worldpulse spirit

When I first read about this award, my body shook to its marrow. I wonder what inspired the Worldpulse programme team to come up with this groundbreaking new idea... I couldn't stop wondering who dreamt it, who fine tuned it and who pushed out this laudable idea?.


Whoever did, I salute you all. You are the spirit behind our Worldpulse.

It is very hard for me to choose only a sister or few sisters because there is a spirit in Worldpulse that inspires us to be more, to support more, to be kinder, to become the best changemaker, to love more, to speak out more, to stand up for others more, to choose others before us, to lift other sisters up more, to look out for others more, to live for others more, to respect our sisters more, to love our sisters  more, to be more interested and involved in our sisters  projects,  to cherish others more, to open doors of opportunities for other sisters more, to encourage other sisters more and to be on the look out for sisters always. 

Today,  after so much deliberation,  after days of thinking and reflecting on my  more than Ten years on Worldpulse, I decided to choose the spirit behind Worldpulse.  The genuine godly and positive spirit on Worldpulse,  that inspires us to support one another,  that pushes us to put other sisters first, the spirit on Worldpulse that helps us to give space for other sisters to grow too, the spirit of Worldpulse,  that allows us to encourage our fellow sisters to soar higher than us without any hostility,  today i choose you for this award.


It is that spirit, that is behind every beautiful sister's act on Worldpulse.  I choise the Worldpulse spirit and i openly and boldly say, the Worldpulse spirit deserves the award because it is a silent revolution that abides in us and  inspires all my Worldpulse  sisters to create another beautiful world for all women to thrive, soar and flourish, in our new world of equal possibilities. 

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