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This Girl Can

This Girl Can"

Choose whatever colour (talent) from her list of colours (talents) and exploit to create , innovate and prosper herself and empower and develop her community .

*Too many Colours to exploit* 

Choose whatever colour 
It shall dance to your favour
Your talent keeps you from hard labour
No need to copy your neighbor's
Look into the mirror
You will be filled with terror
Too many colours
Take your time , escape errors

Be a pace setter for the future
You only need to add persistence to your endeavors 
Even as you grow up
Buckle up
There's too many colours to exploit

Multi talented 
So pure...your mindset
Yet...which to select
You stand defeated
Uh-uh take your heads up
 Chins up now...
You are no cow
Use your brain..
Trust your instinct
Let it lead your way
And you shall like different colours...stand distinct
The colours represent your giftings 
The confusion can be erased if you've got listings
Also...if your elders...listen

Conserve...wisely...calculate...negotiate...level up
There's too many colors to exploit
Explore them
And create...for peace...and development .

© Abunaw Olive

#womenempowerment #thisgirlcan #humanrights #genderequality #GenerationEquality #Notostereotypes

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