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This is Her Story, and Her Power #HerStoryMakesHistory

What if you saw a person that has potential but struggling?  You encourage her. 

What if she empowered and uplifted, then she shared that positive attitude passing it along to other women and then radiated it to their life? That is the power of the ripple effect.

If you want to bring the best version of yourself make that possible make #HerStoryMakesHistory.

Toast a rock in a pond, it creates ripples. That also a case with our life. When we have purpose in our life and see the world differently, our impact on others changes too.

Because I have a purpose and my mind is filled with possibilities, I always saw potential in each person. You just need to open a door to a person.

This International Women’s Day, I shout a woman’s name who Make History of her life.  Rojeane, she makes #HerStoryMakesHistory

It’s been a month, since she accepted the role of World Pulse PH Moderator and I ask what makes she decides to volunteer.  

She said, Ladies are more prone to depression compared to men. I want to uplift women's feelings and emotions by writing articles related to encouragement. To let them know that they are not alone. That, there are women willing to listen and understand their situation. Their daily routine must be heard. Most women should be encouraged, stay fit, healthy and pretty as well. 

Before, Rojeane was a shy type girl. She doesn’t entertain strangers. When she became a Moderator, everything changed. She became friendly and approachable. Her writing skills gradually improve and become more passionate to it. She enjoyed, learned to research before writing an article and be presentable during a webinar.

She believes that struggles in life are not permanent and in time it will vanish. God allow us to suffer but not forever. The pains and sufferings are the things that God grant us to experience to become a stronger person.

In her own words and language, Encouragement to her is….

“Sa aking palagay, hindi ka kasi makakapag-encourage ng tao hangga"t hindi ka nakakaranas nang matinding hirap sa buhay. Lalo na kung hindi mo napagdaanan yung hirap ng iyong kausap. Siyempre wag na wag mong ikukumpara yung sarili mo sa kanya. Ang kailangan maramadaman ng iyong kausap ay maintindihan siya. Na hindi siya nag-iisa sa kanyang pinagdadaanan. Kailangan din niyang maramdaman ang iyong pagmamahal at sabihin sa kanya na malalagpasan din niya ang lahat ng kanyang pinagdadaanan. Sa pag-eencourage ng tao kailangan natin maging maingat at maging mapili sa ating sasabihin. Yung hindi sila madaling ma-ooffend”



"In my opinion, you can't encourage people until you experience extreme hardships in life. Especially if you haven't gone through the hardships of the person you're talking to. Of course, don't compare yourself to her. What matter is the person's needs to be felt and understood. That she is not alone in what she is going through. She also needs to feel your love and tell her that she can overcome everything she is going through. In encouraging people, we need to be careful and be selective in what we say. Consider that they are not be offended”


I encourager her to write with her own language, and write as how her heart speaks.

Last February she wrote about “Eve’s Perspective on Love”  on her own language. Our sisters from World Pulse relates to what she posted and received relatable experience and thoughts. Thus, it encourages her to write more. 

This is HER STORY, and it gives HER POWER!

Imagine the rock that toast in a pond, it is YOU, US who are making #HerStoryMakesHistory.

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