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TIME Foundation Ghana

A new birth is born, a birth of the girl child, a birth of change, a birth of Empowerment.  Its the birth of Teen In Mother's Empowerment Foundation Ghana. TIME Foundation for short.

It all started when I had a personal experience of my younger sister getting herself in a big mess. She got pregnant with a child that up to date we do not know the father. As a teen mother it was not easy. The shame of facing society with her child's pregnancy was a nightmare. How to feed herself and her unborn child was always not easy, she has to drop out from school. Societal trauma of bringing forth a child without a Daddy dawn on her. She hardly go out in the public for fear of discrimination. This led to complications during her child's delivery. The short of the matter was that we nearly lost her but thanks to God she and her child made it to life.

This her experience drew me closer to such teen mother's, to the point that I felt like its my duty to protect and make them feel safe. Since then I started outlining my ideas together. Last year October 2018, TIME Foundation was born. Our primary target are vulnerable Teenage mother's. As a non governmental organization(NGO) we seek to empower these teen mother's financially in any situation to be independent mothers. Capable to take care and protect their children.

We also will offer various empowerment training like birth control services, pre and post natal services etc. Currently, we identify and established them in self help businesses. They are given financial support worth of products to start with as seed monies. They do business with this money for a period of one year. After the one year the seed money is refunded to TIME Foundation. TIME Foundation will in turn use the returned seed money to recruit more teen mothers. Since October 2018, we have established three teen mothers, however come October 2019 we will have double our number through our seed money funding to six(6) membership already.

As young as we are we are plaque with a lots of financial problems. Funding is our biggest problem. We are yet to acquire an office and equip it, also legal registration process we yet to under go. Besides, minor needs like creating our own website, linking up with all social media groups are not left out. We are far left out in a way but we have hope to catch up. 

TIME Foundation Ghana was a dream realized, we have a story to impact, we are the CHANGE! We are therefore officially submitting our request for support, ideas, partnering and sponsorship to everybody, organizations and institutions to kindly come to our aid. Any kind of support will be appreciated.

Thank You!

For further information please contact the initiator Lisbeth Phone:



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