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Tomorrow Is A Mystery

As time and tides change, the infinite creator of the universe slowly but surely unveils his plans for us.We may plan and prepare for tomorrow but our hopes and aims can only be brought to fruition when they are in line with the journey prepared for us by the Master of the universe.I call him Master Planner.
Barely few months ago, I did not know my stay in my country will be interrupted so soon.I knew it may one day happen but not as soon as it did.I had my plans, my hopes and ambitions all focused in Cameroon,little did I know that He had a different plan and nothing humanly possible could change it.
Yes I bow to this golden truth,my role as a wife and mother is of utmost importance to the Divine Creator than any other role I play in this life.I may one day be a international reporter,a CEO,or follow any strong career path, you might think of but God clearly revealed to me that the home is the springboard of any valuable change I want to see in my community and if I must mend my community I must first keep my home intact.If I were to ask every woman reading through this article to narrate the number of beautiful opportunities that have passed them by because of marriage,motherhood,or just by virtue of being a woman,I guess we might run out of space to host them.However one thing is sure there is no joy and fulfillment like that of ensuring the stability of a family and the future of our children.
Few months behind after my graduation from VOF,I thought I will be speaking to US audiences about the plight of women in my community and seeking solutions to their challenges.I thought it was going to be an opportunity for me to share my vision with many more people and get all the advice and encouragement I could get, but God told me in all ways that he had a more important task for me to handle.He showed me that above all family is most important.The same embassy that made it impossible for me to be at the speaking tour hurriedly made it possible for me to join my husband with my kids a few weeks later.Many thanks to the World Pulse team for all they did to make me come over to the US in the month of October for the speaking tour.Everything a human being could do to make this happen was done but God said No.It was a bitter pill for us all to swallow following the delay at the embassy but I believe it all worked for our good.I was so proud of VOF 2010 class when I saw my sister Bea`s contributions to the tour which were fabulously impressive.Congratulations to these three brave women and a big thank you to Jensine for giving our voices a platform for expression.
I am writing from my new home in New York,trying a carve out new visions that fit in my old vision,I am forced to start learning a new culture to blend with my old culture and I am ready to meet new people who will partner with me to form new ideas.One thing remains about me,I will never stop speaking and writing,I might be silent for some seasons and reasons but my voice is an unquenchable force that shall live even after my breath is gone.Writing and speaking for women,children and the less fortunate is what I was born for,will live for and die for no matter in what part of the universe I find myself.My voice has no geographical boundaries.I will always dig into the unknown wherever I find myself and bring out the untold to the light of the world.

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